Founded in 2007, TravisMathew draws its inspiration from the culture and lifestyle of Southern California’s surf, sand, and sun.
I was entrusted with the pivotal role of curating captivating visual experiences that embody the essence of TravisMathew. Drawing upon my extensive design expertise, I conceptualized and executed a diverse range of projects, spanning from creating striking marketing campaigns to crafting alluring product packaging. With a keen eye for fashion trends and an acute understanding of consumer preferences, I infused our designs with a timeless yet contemporary appeal that resonates deeply with our target audience. Collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams, I ensured the harmonious alignment of our designs with overarching brand identity and marketing strategies. My commitment to delivering designs that not only captivate but also convey meaningful narratives played an instrumental role in elevating TravisMathew's visual storytelling. My email designs sale impact was between 30k-55k total revenue every email I did. 
Experienced senior graphic designer with a specialized focus on packaging and product development. Skilled in transforming creative concepts into market-ready fashion products, while also crafting impactful and functional packaging solutions. From concept ideation and design refinement to material sourcing and quality assurance, I bring a comprehensive approach to the entire product lifecycle. With a keen awareness of industry trends and consumer preferences, I consistently deliver innovative fashion items that align with brand identity. Through collaborative teamwork, I facilitate seamless coordination between design, manufacturing, and packaging, resulting in compelling products that resonate with customers and drive brand success.
Product Development projects are under NDA as they wont be released until FH24. I can send a PDF for viewing just send me a request. 

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